Our Team

The Esolate team is a list of proven professionals who provide the necessary expertise, experience, passion and vision for success.

Hardin Jackson, Chief Executive Officer

Hardin brings years of experience in start-ups and new venture development for both industrials/ manufacturing, technology, and cannabis market verticals.  In addition to setting business strategy and vision, Hardin bridges the link between our innovation and our commercialization.  Hardin spearheads the design, development, and manufacturing of Esolate’s advanced product formulations for our clients and partners.  

Julian Bryson, Chief Investment Officer

Julian is Co-Founder of the Company and responsible for Esolate’s IP development and licensing strategy, financial operations and investor relations. Based in London, UK, Julian is the bridge between the Company’s Canadian HQ and our commercial relationships in European markets.

Mark Goliger, President and Chief Strategy Officer

Mark has been a key figure in the cannabis market vertical.  In his most recent position as CEO of Meta Growth, Mark was instrumental in starting businesses in medicinal cannabis distribution in Canada.  Upon legalization, Meta grew into recreational retail cannabis, becoming an industry leader with a footprint of 35 stores across five provinces. Through his direction as CEO, revenues grew from $1.2M to greater than $55M.  As a public traded company, Meta grew to over 400 hundred employees, $55million in revenue.

Jinhee Oh, MSc. Chief Science Officer

As an expert in the field of applied chemical engineering and cannabinoid research, Jinhee is responsible for Esolate’s chemical and process engineering design.  Jinhee has been instrumental in the design and development of extraction labs, post processing technologies, and CPG formulations.

Devin Machin MSc., Biochemical Engineering Officer

Devin is responsible for development of Esolate’s cannabinoid formulations portfolio, leading the Company's proprietary formulation research and development throughout the biochemical research phase, as well as designing and running technical research for in-house and client applied product solutions.

Dr Andrew Saich, Pharmaceutical Development Advisor

Andrew has more than 20 years of extensive experience of international management, commercial launch planning and pharmaceutical research and development in both large and specialised pharmaceutical companies. Recently Andrew created and lead the International Medical organisation in preparation for the launch of Epidyolex at GW Pharmaceuticals (oral cannabinoids). At Senzer Pharmaceuticals (inhaled cannabinoids) as Chief Medical Officer Andrew lead the clinical development program. Andrew works closely with the US and European team at Esolate in developing the Company's pharmaceutical research and development initiatives and partnerships. 

Dr Natasha Murataeva PhD, Chemical Biology Officer

Natasha applies her dozen years’ experience in cannabis pharmacology to running Esolate’s cellular biology research initiatives. Natasha is an expert in the molecular mechanisms of cannabinoid receptors in relation to the cell biology of living organisms, as well as cell auto-reparation mechanism responses to phyto-, endo- and synthetic-cannabinoids. Natasha's leads the initiation of novel product development research programs for Esolate partners and licensees, across the consumer and controlled drug development portfolios, utilizing the unique Esolate technology platform.  Dr Murataeva received her MSc in Science and Biology and her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, US