Esolate Cannabis Ltd.  focusses on applying our innovations on the medicinal and recreational cannabis space.

Utilizing our patent-pending IP, the main goals of Esolate include

1) the highest bioavailability,

2) the highest shelf stability,

3) unlocking new and innovative product formats that will delight the user experience.

Esolate is a unique patent-pending process that provides the highest bioavailable input formulations. Our process is not a standard emulsion tech but a fast and efficient single-stage self-dissolving complexation that allows for a greater range in activity ingredients.  Esolate decreases degradation, increases bioavailability/ user experience, and unlocks a full range in CPG offerings.

Inputs Include: full spectrum oils, terpenes, distillates, isolates, synthetics.  With a current focus on THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBD-a, THC-V  etc.

Bioavailability: independent tests show Esolate’s advantages over the leading nano-emulsion process with faster onset and more than 3 times the blood concentration levels.

Degradation: tests show improved THC stability and reduced degradation when compared to other leading emulsion formulations.

Product Offerings: the flexible and tunable Esolate formulation unlocks the greatest range in end product offerings, including, but not limited to:

• Ready to Mix powders and liquids
• Ready to Drink
• Water Based Edible Ingredient
• Fat/Lipid Based Edible Ingredient
• Edible Pasts
• Dry Powder Inhalants
• Tables and Capsules
• Powder/ Water-based Topical Formulations
• Reduced degradation/ leaching formulations