• 5L per Hour of Input (Distillate/ Isolate), 10-15min per kg of distillate/isolate, Continuous Operation

Facility Requirements

  • Water Access On Demand
  • Air Exchange rate per hour at least 7
  • Internet Access (Ethernet)
  • Area of 15’ x 8’ (120 sq ft.) is needed (minimum) 
  • Electrical: 3Phase 208V, 100Amp, ESA Approved

CO2 Consumption

  • Open - Initial Use: 13kg 
  • Initial set-up (pressurizing) 2.5kg

System Dimensions

  • 6.5’ L x 3’ W x 5’ H (29 sq ft)


  • The system is designed and manufacture to GMP requirements with CRN approved components.


  • Fully automated and pre-programmed Clean in Place technology means no down-time or human error  (Ethanol or Isopropanol)